Capstone Seminar Series

Five Year Trial Study and Meta-Analysis

On October 26, 2017 Capstone Consulting Group, LLC and The Healthcare Research Foundation sponsored a seminar and focus group at the Houstonian Hotel on North Post Oak Lane in Houston, Texas.


The workshop meeting was to review the recently released report “The Financial Impact of Optimal Risk Management and Accrual Funding Methods on Employer Sponsored General Asset Healthcare Plans: A Five Year Trial Study and Meta-Analysis”.


Mr. Dennis A. Baker, a Principal at Capstone, the President of The Healthcare Research Foundation and a healthcare financial planning Doctoral Candidate discussed this multi-year study which shared the most effective approach to long-term healthcare benefits risk and funding accrual management.  


The report showed the experience of five regional employers, frozen in place over five years, and supported the theory that that using the group insurance brokerage market as a pricing driver is not nearly as effective and quantifiable as using the Capstone Consulting Group logics driven process.


The study and report presented can be reviewed at: