About Us


Capstone Consulting Group was established in 2007 by Dennis A. Baker, who has over 40 years in the financial services field and who leads the firm as our Principal. Mr. Baker is a founder and adjunct Professor at the Insurance & Risk Management Center at the University of Houston Downtown’s College of Business and is a 2019 Ph.D. Candidate in Financial Sciences at The American College.


Typically working with firms providing general asset type plans ranging from 200 to 25,000 employees, Capstone’s actuarial, auditing and advisory clients include public and private sector organizations, insurance companies, reinsurers, HMOs and disease management companies.


We believe in long-term strategies and are the architects of many of the leading edge forensic auditing, plan design, funding, risk and healthcare delivery concepts in play today. We practice a unique, logics based approach to risk transfer contract negotiations based on our in-depth knowledge of financial underwriting techniques. In addition, we teach the same underwriting, auditing and forward modeling techniques to the future underwriters and actuaries of the insurance industry.


Our management team also does considerable work with organizations offering postemployment benefits (OPEB) under FAS 106, GASB 45/75 and SOP 92-6, involving retiree buyouts, insurance valuations, and reinsurance transactions and has completed more than 500 retiree valuations to date.


Our litigation support practice provides the legal profession, in the role of advisor and expert witness, with guidance during high profile lawsuits and sophisticated managed care contract disputes. As a result of our years of private medical network contracting and hospital organizational development engagements, we are considered one of the leading authorities, uniquely positioned in this field.  


As it relates to our medical provider advisory practice, Capstone advises hospitals and managed care companies on how to build corporate structure, develop sophisticated pricing methodologies, build proprietary health plan products, enhance their market presence, as well as other issues being faced by the medical services community today.


Capstone also works with the professional insurance community when the situation dictates the need for insight from a firm that is market savvy and will provide frank input, regardless of the situation. Our insurance carrier relationships provide tremendous input to Capstone when we work to introduce our employer and medical provider client segments to viable and feasible solutions to their healthcare issues.